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  1. jacob t. middleton, aia is a Texas native based in New York City. he holds a Bachelor of Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture and has studied at New York University Tisch School of the Arts in the Graduate Department of Design for Stage & Film. his work has been featured by Columbia University School of the Arts, Spectacular+Texas Architect Magazine, ISSUE by UTSOA, and Archisource.
  2. jacob is a registered architect and designer at Dattner Architects. previously he has collaborated with Bates Masi ArchitectsClickspring Designdots, Overlay Office, and Magic Architecture, among others.
  3. he is interested in creating work at a variety of scales that investigates performance, explores bad taste, embraces low culture, and questions existing typologies.


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at journey’s end

a superimposition of past and present

At land’s end, one arrives to a place of contemplation. Sublime yet serene, the intervention straddles the threshold of land and sea, reaching out from the cliffs of Cape Espichel and towards the ocean -- an infinite beyond. Here, ancient meets modern, where the dialogue between the two is apparent and ongoing. Modern understands, respects, and remembers ancient.

When, or if, one feels compelled to, they may enter the ruins of centuries past. Submerging below, into the core of the fortress, one feels the walls of history embracing and enveloping them. Once inside, one is immersed in a site acutely aware of its antiquity, allowing for a deeply intimate and profound exploration that increases in its sacred nature as one penetrates further into its heart.

Land and sea are expressed as formal elements within the monastery. The dormitories and main chapel are located deep within the earth, creating a oneness with the site’s history. On the exterior, a large, occupiable cantilever extends over the water, acting as an outdoor meditation platform.

Isolated from our rapid, high-paced society, this intervention respects the notions of protection and safety, and rewards pilgrims with solitude and distinct opportunities for reflection along their pilgrimage. The title site monastery is awarded to the structure through this consideration and attention to various levels of intimacy.

project information
location: cabo espichel, portugal
date: 2020
type: monastery, competition, independent inquiry

project team: jacob t. middleton, alexander noaks


meditation / view


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