jacob t. middleton / cow.


  1. breaking character
  2. cruising rhyolite
  3. performitory
  4. purple plushy catwalk
  5. holly haus
  6. chronicles out west
  7. at journey’s end
  8. made in asherton
  9. intakes/outtakes
  10. a sanctuary
  11. topdog/underdog
  12. drowning
  13. the tempest


  1. cow. represents a catalogue of work, a collection of whimsies, and the chronicles out west conceptualized by jacob t. middleton.
  2. the studio is interested in creating work at a variety of scales that investigates performance, explores bad taste, embraces low culture, and questions existing typologies.
  3. jacob t. middleton is a Texas native currently based in New York City. he holds a Bachelor of Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture and has studied at New York University Tisch School of the Arts in the Department of Design for Stage & Film. his work has been featured by Texas Architect Magazine, ISSUE by UTSOA, and Archisource. professionally, jacob is an architectural and broadcast set designer at Clickspring Design. previously he has collaborated with dots, Overlay Office, Magic Architecture, and Hannah Levy, among others.


  1. email: jmiddleton(at)utexas.edu
  2. instagram
  3. linkedin
  4. academic portfolio